Introducing: Relationships Made Simple. For Couples

Finally, a simple approach to improving relationships.

In simple and easy to understand language this book introduces the reader to the Relationship Banking concept, which has the power to change forever the way you look and conduct at all your relationships. Guaranteed! (If it doesn’t work, we’ll simply give you your money back!)

This book is specifically aimed at couples who either want to enhance their relationship (if it’s going okay), or dramatically improve it (if it is struggling).

One reader put it this way:

“Some self help books sound great, but when you start to read them you realise they’re based on a really stupid idea. This is not one of those books. It’s actually very helpful and great fun to read.”

For a lot less than the cost of one professional counselling* session, you can own the book that gives you all the tools you need to improve your most important ‘primary’ relationship. In addition, the concepts covered are transferrable to all of your relationships - at work, home and play.


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 In this book you will:

  • Gain a firm understanding of the Relationship Banking system
  • Find out about the three columns (phases) of many typical marriages (relationships)
  • Absolutely, positively learn how to avoid the third column (affair/separation/divorce)
  • Learn how to build healthy account balances with your life partner regardless of where your current points balance sits now.
  • Become skilled at talking about the things that earn and lose you both the most points
  • Discover the Top 4 things most women want from their man
  • Find out his three biggest needs in a relationship (one of which he probably doesn’t even know he needs and if he did know, would struggle to put into words)
  • Hear about some of the common mistakes other couples have made
  • Learn the significance of the four methods of providing reinforcement (or reward) and the consequences of them that you may not have considered before


Get the answers to a number of the most Frequently Asked Questions, such as

Should all relationships be fixed?

How much time should I give this?

and much more!

In short, this book provides you with all the information necessary to improve or repair you own relationship at home. Guaranteed!

One couple said:

“Finally a no nonsense approach to fixing relationships that is actually easy to implement and really works. You can tell it was written by a professional, but it was still easy to read. It made total sense. We both read it and talked about it a lot, which wasn’t as difficult as we thought. We then came up with our lists. Our relationship has never been better. In short, we loved it and our relationship thanks you for it!”

Nikki and Marc Comensoli. Sydney, Australia.

This book will give you all the tools and information and teach you how to do improve your relationships.

You’ll still have to do the work though!

However, most people say they don’t mind that, as once you know what to do and how to do it, it isn’t that difficult anymore.

Please note, this book isn’t a 15 page ‘quick fix’ pamphlet that somebody put together after they had a few ‘good ideas’ on relationships. It isn’t an e-book that somebody wrote after they managed to save their own marriage and now ‘has all the answers’ for you! Neither is it a boring and long winded textbook that goes on for 435 pages, making you search for information that could have easily been covered in one decent chapter.

Instead it’s an easy to read 105 pages that contains all the information you will need to dramatically improve your most important relationship – the one with your life partner.

It was written Andrew Van Der Reest, a professional registered (licensed) psychologist. It contains tried and tested material that has successfully been used for many years in Andrew’s counselling* practice. He has also presented it in seminars to a large number or organisations.


Available as an e-book - once purchased, it downloads immediately and you can start reading straight away!

Available also as a printed book 

*Again, Down Under in Australia we use this spelling of Counselling. Although in many countries you spell it Counseling. This website adheres to the Aussie version.