Are you looking for books that make relationships simple and easier to understand? Are you struggling with a relationship and would like some help? Well you've come to the right place...

Introducing the Relationships Made Simple series.

Most of the best experiences in our lives revolve around people. Many of our worst experiences unfortunately also involve people. We all want great relationships, but we often find them difficult and perplexing. We often don’t know how to acheive the great relationships we all desire, or we start well and go downhill from there.

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Relationships Made Simple for Couples

For couples who want to improve their relationship. Perhaps your relationship is not as great as you’d like, or you may be struggling and need some urgent help. This book contains all the information you need… Read More >

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More about the series

Renowned psychologist Andrew Van Der Reest has spent many years assisting people through counselling* to build strong, healthy relationships. During this time Andrew studied, researched and ultimately developed methodologies that really benefited couples, families and workplaces, allowing them to better understand and dramatically improve their relationships – simply!

From all this research and experience, Andrew developed the Relationship Banking model for building better, more resilient relationships. Relationship Banking is now one of the most sought after and requested topics for Andrew’s seminars.

This means that the books contain tried, tested and proven methods for improving your relationships at home, work and play.

They represent a no nonsense approach to understanding and dramatically improving your relationships. The books contain no waffle and no padding, just straight forward, well presented information you can actually use. All of the concepts are easy to read and apply. There is no psycho-babble and no jargon, just simple to understand and implement concepts that are guaranteed to improve your relationships.

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Relationships Made Simple For Troubled Couples

Designed as a follow on from the ‘For Couples’ book, which must be read first. Provide additional, significantly more in depth information to assist couples who are struggling… Read More >

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Relationships Made Simple for Men (How to get on with the woman in your life)

Designed for men who are (or perhaps want to be) in a long term committed relationship with a woman. For men this can often be the most challenging relationship of all. Well, with this book you don’t need to be brilliant… Read More >

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Relationships Made Simple at Work

The most often cited reason for people leaving their job is not that they don’t like it, but because they can’t get along with some people they work with. Workplace relationships can be challenging, but they don’t need to be. This book gives you all the steps necessary to dramatically improve all your relationships at work… Read More >

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Relationships Made Simple for Families

A great family is truly desirable and can set children up for life. More and more families, however, are struggling. Single parent families and blended families with step parents are becoming more common and with them come inherent problems. Whatever your situation, this book will give you the tools needed to create the family you desire… Read More >

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